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Artistic approach

In this fast-moving era, I chose to pay attention to the world I live in. To let myself be marvelled, mostly by the singular, ephemeral and changing beauty of nature which fixes me in the present. To forget the passage of time… by opposition to the elements that attracts me who witnesses it. I am touched by all the “traces” left by the years gone by, weather and more, reminding me that life is fragile. I photograph them as a base for my work, in which I use jacquard and traditional weaving, sometimes combined with other textile techniques, in order to create abstract pieces.

Transposed into my artworks, these images become a metaphor for human life. Expressing the wounds that occurs during the different phases we go through, and our reactions to those life changing moments where we are overwhelmed by mixed emotions leading us from suffering to resilience.

My present researches are focussing on optical color mixing in jacquard weaving. From a certain distance, colors are visible, but as they are made of several juxtaposed colors, they seam a bit changing, confusing. As you get closer, they split, revealing the construction of the fabric, an intricate interlacing of threads that adds to the meditative character I want my pieces to have.

My artworks are both an ode to the beauty of the world we live in and to the one which inhabits us, they invite to take time, to think or contemplate…

Inspiration - Écorce
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